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The Academy is offering e-learning through three distinct channels: The Academy Video Library, the Academy E-Learning Platform which hosts the DIGESTT tutorials, and the Winners E-Learning Platform, the entry point of the GESEA Programme.

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Video Library

Academy Video Library

The Academy Video Library hosts videos that are considered of high educational value for endoscopic surgeons. It showcases novel techniques, complications, new equipment, rare cases, medical procedures and the setup of the OR.

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E-Learning Platform

Academy E-Learning Platform

The Academy E-Learning Platform hosts the e-learning materials of the DIGESTT programme. Sign up for an account and get free access to the knowledge pillar of the DIGESTT programme.

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Winners Platform

Winners E-Learning Tutorials

The Winners E-Learning Tutorials are the entry gate of the GESEA programme and are offered free of charge on WebSurg. Start your GESEA journey and sign up for the Winners tutorials.

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