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HIP Course Hysteroscopic Intensive Practical

The Hysteroscopic Intensive Practical (HIP) course is an intensive hysteroscopy course with practical training in most relevant hysteroscopic procedures and new technologies. Diagnostic and mechanical operative hysteroscopy, myomectomy, polyp surgery and endometrial resection will be practiced intensively.

The objectives are to acquire practical skills using the newest technological hysteroscopic models:

  • to acquire practical skills for diagnostic hysteroscopy and ambulatory surgery,
  • to train your psychomotor skills by using GESEA tests,
  • to acquire the technique and skills to perform myoma polyp and endometrial resection.


The following topics are included in the programme:

  • Dry lab:
    • Lecture on instruments and techniques
    • Psychomotor skills training and testing
    • Diagnostic hysteroscopy with challenges
    • Minor hysteroscopic surgery: polyp biopsy and resection
  • Wet lab:
    • Lecture on instruments, pump systems, bipolar generator and shaver
    • Bipolar needle
    • Shaver: polyp and myoma shaving
    • Resectoscope: endometerial ablation, polyp and myome resection


There are no specific requirements for candidates, this course is open for both novice and expert hysteroscopists. However, it is advised to complete the free e-learning tutorials on the Winners E-Learning Platform to prepare yourself for the theoretical background of the course.

Registration details

Course language: English

Course fee:

  • €890: Regular rate
  • €790: ESGE Members
  • €550: Residents (proof of residency required)


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