Accredited GESEA Centres

Locate an accredited GESEA Centre in your region

Accredited by The Academy to offer validated training and certification

There are currently 10 accredited GESEA Diploma Centres which have been audited by The Academy and offer official GESEA certification sessions. Use the map below to locate a centre in your region or have a look at the upcoming certification sessions.

Become an accredited GESEA Centre

Pathway of becoming an accredited GESEA Diploma Centre

Becoming a training centre using the GESEA Tools is easy. Acquire the tools, follow the tutorials and start your training activity. However, not every training centre can and should become a diploma centre.

The application to become an accredited GESEA Diploma Centre is done through the ESGE Central Office. The ESGE evaluates the legitimacy of the application and informs the applicant centre on the potential acceptance.

In case of acceptance, a collaboration agreement between ESGE, +he Academy, and the applicant centre is stipulated. After the successful signing of the agreement, an audit is scheduled and performed by +he Academy where the venue, infrastructure, equipment and staff are fully evaluated. Upon a positive outcome, the applicant centre can start as an accredited GESEA Diploma Centre.

For a full explanation, please consult our Becoming an accredited GESEA Diploma Centre in Gynaecological Endoscopy brochure.

Diploma Centre Brochure