GESEA Programme Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment

What is GESEA?

Structured diploma programme for Gynaecological Endoscopy

The Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment (GESEA) programme is a structured diploma programme for Gynaecological Endoscopy. It trains and certifies knowledge and practical skills prior to surgical competence, and is the official diploma programme of the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE).

The GESEA programme follows the European–American Joint Recommendation stating that each hospital teaching endoscopic surgery should make available an endoscopic dry lab for training and improving the proficiency of the endoscopic surgery skills of the physician.

The GESEA programme is coping with some of the current issues related to endoscopic surgery like:

  • Excessive long learning curves in the conventional apprentice-tutor model and limited amount of endoscopic interventions in the teaching hospitals.
  • Absence of dry labs for endoscopic surgery and limited accessibility of specific learning programmes.
  • Absence of a universal accepted validated system of certification.
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Getting started with the GESEA programme

Your ticket to becoming a Minimal Invasive Gynaecological Surgeon

The GESEA programme offers a pathway of acquiring the Minimal Invasive Gynaecological Surgeon certificate and diploma. It is based on three building blocks: knowledge, practical skills, and assessment.

Knowledge is offered free of charge through the Winners E-Learning Platform. Practical skills are trained through the various laparoscopic and endoscopic training models as developed by +he Academy: LASTT, SUTT and HYSTT. Assessment of knowledge and practical skills happens through an official GESEA Certification performed by an accredited GESEA Diploma Centre.

Accredited GESEA Centres

Locate an accredited GESEA Centre in your region

The GESEA programme is constantly expanding its reach across the globe, providing structured access to skills necessary to become a gynaecological surgeon.

Locate a centre in your region to start your pathway to obtaining the GESEA MIGS Diploma, or learn how to implement the GESEA programme within your own organisation.

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Locate a GESEA Centre

Locate an accredited GESEA Centre in your region and start your GESEA journey

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